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Forest Road Brewing Co.

Forest Road Brewing Company was founded by Bostonian brewer Pete Brown (not the writer) in the Summer of 2015.  Pete brewed his first batch of beer in a 1-bedroom apartment in Queens, NYC in the Summer of 2009.  When his hobby turned into obsession this led him to a career in professional brewing.

After leaving a senior position at Camden Town Brewery in early 2015 Pete moved into a house on Forest Road in Dalston, East London during a brewery-change.  There he met his four new best pals and started the trial brews of what would become the first core pale ale of Forest Road Brewery, WORK.  Once the recipe was perfected it was time to scale up - and after scouring the UK he ended up meeting the Leroy family in Boezinge, Belgium via email.  Pete brought 75 kg of American hops over on the Eurostar and the first batch of beer was born. Since then, POSH lager was born and now all production has moved to the UK.

The Forest Road Brewing Co. brewers take pride in using traditional brewing practices and raw materials from mother earth to make consistent and drinkable beers. That’s it.
They make beer for drinking, not for thinking.
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