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Beer of the week 21st January - Moon Curser (5.2%)




About the beer


An American Pale Ale with hop forward flavours from juicy American hops.

Extra pale base malts give a clean crispness to allow hops take centre stage. Whirlpool hop additions and further dry hopping create tropical, fruity flavours and aromas.



Barley, Wheat (Gluten)

About the Brewery

Neckstamper opened at the end of 2016 and are obsessed with making delicious tasting modern and traditional beers. They love the history of London and that it was historically the beer centre of the world.

The culture and language of that time long ago inspired us to name ourselves after the neckstamper. This was nickname given to the pot boy of the local alehouse in 17th century London. The one that helped ensure local beers could be enjoyed away from where they were brewed.

They started up in Leyton in East London in an already booming craft beer market with the belief that they could add their own perspective. They believe that beer drinkers deserve the choice of unique, high quality, tasty beers and want to be a part of that choice. 

Beer of the week

Friday 21st January