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Beer of the week 24th September - Luftballon (5.5%)




About the beer

This moreish, golden festbier has a refreshing bitterness and an aroma of lightly toasted bread. It’s named after the biggest German language single, Nena’s 99 Luftballons, later translated into the English language version 99 Redballoons. The malty character of Luftballons is produced using the traditional ‘decoction’ mashing method. This process involves removing and boiling a portion of the mash before recombining with the rest of the mash to bring the overall temperature up to it’s next rest temperature. During this boil Maillard reactions occur, producing melanoidins which darken the grains and add toasted and caramelised flavours. These changes are the same as those which occur in bread as it is toasted, hence the lightly ‘toasty’ malt character in this beer. Please do not drink 99 of them.



Barley (Gluten)

About the Brewery

Signature Brew are on a mission to revolutionise the quality of beer at live music events by bringing their exciting core range of music-inspired craft beers (Roadie, Studio Lager, Backstage IPA and Nightliner) to the best bars, venues and festivals in the UK and beyond.
As well as previously winning SIBA's highly prestigious Brewery Business of the Year, they're also the world's number one brewery for band collaboration beers, having brewed with Mastodon, Idles, alt-J, Slaves, Mogwai, Frank Turner, Rodney P, Enter Shikari and over 25 other renowned artists.
Led by founders Sam and Tom, the team at their East London brewery is made up of musicians and music fans alike and – with an unwavering commitment to quality – Signature Brew has channelled the spirit and energy of live music into a brewery that stands for craftsmanship, artistry and passion.

Beer of the week

Friday 24th September
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