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Beer of the week 9th July - Hoppy Helles (5.0%)



LAGER (5.0%)

About the beer 

Pillars' Hoppy Helles brew is part of their Small Batch range - a showcase of diverse and fascinating lager styles. Brewed in collaboration with the William Morris Gallery this beer combines both imagery and flavour born in Walthamstow. The artwork is a commission of one Morris' works - Snakeshead and 50% of all profits will go to the gallery, supporting their work and mission to raise inspire, educate and inform people about Morris' life and works.

Their Hoppy Helles is a classic Helles brew, dry-hopped with Mandarina Bavaria hops to give a full bodied lager with malty character, balanced by zesty, citrus flavours. This brew is what Pillars is all about - giving people the chance to support a historic, local cultural institution just by drinking great beer.

The Man 

Born in Walthamstow in 1834, William Morris is now world famous for his iconic textile designs which embodied the Victorian aesthetic - however in his life, Morris made major contributions to literature and poetry, as well as being active in economic and environmental politics. A man ahead of his time and who's legacy is still felt today.

The Gallery

Set in Walthamstow's Lloyd Park, the William Morris Gallery is housed in the same stunning Georgian grade II listed building which Morris and his family called home for nearly a decade in the mid 1800's. The gallery was first opened in 1950, and Morris' stature saw the then PM open the gallery, with Queen Mary being one of the very first visitors. 

The gallery continues to be the only public gallery in the world dedicated to Morris', and engages with all parts of the local community to share his message and works.


Barley (Gluten)

About the Brewery

Pillars Brewery is a specialist craft lager brewery based in Walthamstow. Established in 2016, Pillars was the first craft lager brewery in London. They started out as a family business and remain a team of family and close friends, driven by a mutual love of lager.

Pillars loves lager. They love it because it’s elegant, honest and tastes phenomenal. But most importantly, they love how it brings people together. It’s the drink in your hand at BBQs and weddings, on first dates and quiet nights at your local, at festivals and parties, on holidays or at home on the sofa. That’s what it’s all about for them: lager, family and community.

A good lager is well balanced, full flavoured and refreshing. It may taste simple, but lager is a sophisticated and refined beer style. To get it right takes knowledge, specialist equipment and good quality ingredients. Lager brewing is an art, but there is no snobbery at Pillars, just great beer.

Pillars is more than just a brewery, it’s a community!

Beer of the week

Friday 9th July
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