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Beer ot the week 26th February - Halmos (4.2%)




About the beer

Hazy Pale - Noble Aroma, Apricot, Strawberry & Lemon.
Paul Halmos is credited with inventing some of the most important mathematical language in use today, including the ‘Tombstone’. A Tombstone, ∎, is used at the end of a proof and means “as shown here”. This beer is a celebration of the diverse and forward-thinking beers being brewed in Brussels today and is a statement: modern Belgian beer, as shown here. 



Barley (Gluten), Oats, Hops, Yeast

About the Brewery


The Solvay Conferences brought together the greatest minds in physics and chemistry in the heart of Brussels and led to some of the most fundamental discoveries of our time. Solvay Society draws its inspiration from this seminal meeting and strives to innovate and refine the art and science that is brewing. We modernise classic styles and produce outstanding Belgian beer with a twist.

Solvay Society are looking to expand their Leytonstone taproom into a brewpub, bringing the brewery to Leytonstone and putting the tanks and taps together for the first time. They’re offering you the chance to pay it forward and get double your money behind the bar by supporting them in their expansion. 

Beer of the week
Friday 26th February