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On tap 27th November - Larger (4.8%)

40 FT



About the beer

Kölsch-Style Lager, a hybrid beer that walks the line between ale and lager being brewed like an ale but matured like a lager. Its origins are in Cologne (Köln) and only beers brewed within sight of the Cologne Cathedral can truly be called a Kölsch. Our co-founder and director of brewing, Ben Ott, is from both Liverpool & Cologne so it was only natural that our first beer would be this ale-lager  hybrid. The top fermenting ale yeast gives the beer a fruitier taste than the bottom fermenting counterpart, making it LARGER than a lager. Our tribute to traditional Kölsch retains a refreshing crispness with a yellow straw complexion. It is lagered for three weeks and unfiltered for full flavour. The dominant hop is Lemon Drop (U.S.) bringing subtle citrus aroma and finish.

MALT     | Golden Promise, Lager malt
HOPS    | Sovereign, Target, Perle, Lemon Drop



Contains Gluten

About the Brewery 

40FT is an independent brewery in Dalston, Hackney, producing fresh modern, beer. 

Starting in the kitchen of a Hackney house-share where three homebrewers made beer for their house parties, the venture quickly moved into two 20ft shipping containers located in a disused Dalston car park in 2015, after convincing the head brewer of their local brewery to join them.

Over the last 6 years, 40FT brewery has grown organically by adding more shipping containers like Lego and a building a talented team of 15 people.

40FT is now brewing to capacity on a 10HL brew kit, with an output of 7,000 pints a week pouring in pubs and restaurants in East London as well as 40FT's award winning taproom.


On tap

Friday 27th November

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