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On tap 27th November - Larger (4.8%)

40 FT



About the beer

Kölsch-Style Lager, a hybrid beer that walks the line between ale and lager being brewed like an ale but matured like a lager. Its origins are in Cologne (Köln) and only beers brewed within sight of the Cologne Cathedral can truly be called a Kölsch. Our co-founder and director of brewing, Ben Ott, is from both Liverpool & Cologne so it was only natural that our first beer would be this ale-lager  hybrid. The top fermenting ale yeast gives the beer a fruitier taste than the bottom fermenting counterpart, making it LARGER than a lager. Our tribute to traditional Kölsch retains a refreshing crispness with a yellow straw complexion. It is lagered for three weeks and unfiltered for full flavour. The dominant hop is Lemon Drop (U.S.) bringing subtle citrus aroma and finish.

MALT     | Golden Promise, Lager malt
HOPS    | Sovereign, Target, Perle, Lemon Drop



Contains Gluten

About the Brewery 

40ft brewery is a micro brewery built out of second hand shipping containers in a repurposed car park in Dalston, Hackney. We opened in 2015 with just two 20 foot shipping containers, one served as a brew house and the other as maturation room. We have grown organically since then adding shipping containers like large heavy legos pieces each time. We are now 150ft with more space for brewing and a dedicated taproom.
We are a neighbourhood brewery sending out fresh beer each week to the bars, restaurants and pubs that we serve in our community. Our space is limited so our focus is on quality and fresh, delicious beer. 
The brewery was founded by four friends; three homebrewers Andreas Pettersson,  Fredrick Pettersson and Steve Ryan and braumaster Ben Ott. We are still independently owned and currently employ two full time brewers and two more people in part time roles.


On tap

Friday 27th November