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On tap 7th August - Posh (4.1%)

Forest Road Brewing Co.


Lager (4.1%)

About the beer

Our crispyboi classic / All British Lager.

POSH lager was developed by Pete in the Summer of 2017 after only selling WORK IPA for 16 months. The second core beer of the Forest Road family was developed specifically to be an accessible, filtered, all grain lager beer to provide drinkers with a different choice to the glucose-laden mass-produced corporate beers that still dominate the market till this day.

3 years later, POSH lager’s consistency and drinkability have been noticed by the likes of many notable quality-forward hospitality operations and dominates Forest Road’s sales volume at 80%. It show’s no signs of slowing down.

Brewed with UK Challenger and Kent hop varietals, a subtle cereal malt profile, and cold-fermented prior to its 18 day cold-conditioning cycle





About the Brewery 

Since we brewed the first 60 litre batch of beer in an East London garden in the summer of 2015, we’ve always had one mission in mind:
Make the beer market a better place for quality & consistent beer, 
….and have fun while doing it.
Our brewers take pride in using traditional brewing practices and raw materials from mother earth to make consistent and drinkable beers. That’s it.
We make beer for drinking, not for thinking.

On tap

Friday 7th August