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On tap 9th October - SQUENCER IPA (5.4%)



About the beer

Smooth, juicy and refreshing.  That first beer. You've been looking forward to it all day.  That’s a Squencher.  It's what the Victorians called it.  The first thirst quenching beer of the day.  The one they deserved.  The one you deserve. Thirst. Quencher. Squencher!
SIBA AWARDS 2018 - Bronze Regional Keg Winner
Malt: Golden Promise, Flaked Oats, Flaked Wheat, Acidulated
Hops: Amarillo, Mosaic, Chinook



Contains Gluten

About the Brewery 

Opened at the end of 2016, Neckstamper are focused on making delicious modern and traditional beers. Although the current rise of craft brewing in London is amazing, Neckstamper looked to London’s history to inspire them with a traditional name that they could give a modern twist; both for the brewery itself and to help bring back old names and terms through the beers they brew. Reading old dictionaries showed the team at Neckstomper how many old words have become obsolete.

According to many accounts, the so-called "neck-stamper" was the slang term given to the pot-boy (or girl) at an ale-house or tavern since the 1600s. One of the neck-stamper's jobs was to collect drinking vessels - bottles or tankards - that had previously been sent out full of beer to private homes or other establishments. Yes...takeaway beer in the 17th century!

Nowadays the term is obsolete, however, they think that it is an apt choice given that in the early days of Neckstamper Brewing they will be doing almost everything related to the brewery in-house, from brewing the beer to driving the van that delivers the kegs - Neckstamper's very own neck-stampers!

On tap

Friday 9th October

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