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On Tap 19th June- Pillars Pilsner (4.0%)



About the beer

Light, Clean, Crisp.

Pilsner is the worlds most popular beer style, and for a good reason - its light body and clean, crisp flavours are accessible to most beer drinkers.

We wanted to take the universal appeal of pilsner to the next level and knock down any barriers that stood between you and a perfect pint of pilsner.

And thus Pillars Pilsner was born. Gluten-free. Vegan-friendly. Delicious, straw notes combined with a bitter finish and beautiful clarity. Using the same water profile as is used in Pilsen, and all at a sessionable 4% ABV. 

You might say that Pillars Pilsner is the People's Pilsner.




About the Brewery 

Pillars Brewery is London's first craft lager brewery. It started with four guys, a brew shed and a mission to reinvent lager. From a palate- thrashing recipe our flagship beer was born, the mighty Untraditional Lager. 

In 2016 we set up our brewery in Walthamstow, where we have continued to restore the good name of lager with our core range and special brews. To produce the finest quality lager we combine contemporary brewing techniques with the traditional principles of brewing.
Welcome to the lager revolution!

On tap

Friday 19th June