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On Tap 19th June- Pillars Pilsner (4.0%)



About the beer

Light, Clean, Crisp.

Pilsner is the worlds most popular beer style, and for a good reason - its light body and clean, crisp flavours are accessible to most beer drinkers.

We wanted to take the universal appeal of pilsner to the next level and knock down any barriers that stood between you and a perfect pint of pilsner.

And thus Pillars Pilsner was born. Gluten-free. Vegan-friendly. Delicious, straw notes combined with a bitter finish and beautiful clarity. Using the same water profile as is used in Pilsen, and all at a sessionable 4% ABV. 

You might say that Pillars Pilsner is the People's Pilsner.




About the Brewery 

We are Pillars Brewery, a specialist craft lager brewery based in Walthamstow.

Established in 2016, Pillars was the first craft lager brewery in London. We started as a family business and remain a team of family and close friends, driven by a mutual love of lager.

Pillars is proud to combine contemporary brewing techniques with traditional brewing principles. Our lager is created within a traditional Bavarian-style brewhouse, complete with its own lauter tun. We tailor the water profile for each brew using our
 onsite water treatment plant, and complete the process with a minimum of four-weeks cold conditioning.

A good lager is well balanced, full-flavoured and refreshing. It may taste simple but lager is a sophisticated and refined beer style. To get it right takes knowledge, specialist equipment and quality ingredients. Lager brewing is an art, but there is no snobbery here at Pillars, just great beer.

This is what it’s all about for us: lager, family and community. We don’t have customers; we have partners who we support with a wide range of services, events and anything else they might need! We want to work with you to bring great lager to the people, and bring people together with great lager. 

Pillars is more than just a brewery- we’re a community. Come join us.

On tap

Friday 19th June