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Rise up Series - Mango IPA (5.5%) - Available from 21st May



MANGO IPA (5.5%)

A juicy IPA with a smooth mouthfeel, lightly spiced to lift the sweetness of the mangoes and oats. Brewed with surplus fresh bread, British wheat, malts and oats, yeast, water and surplus mangoes from Flawsome and Oddbox.
This limited edition beer is part of a collab series with B Corps like Oddbox, celebrating ways to fix our broken food system for people and the planet. It's #TimeToRiseUp
Allergens: Wheat, Barley, Oats
May contain: Spelt, Rye

Rise up for Biodiversity 

Industrial food production is destroying an polluting habitats, contributing to the mass extinction of species. But one-third of food is wasted. By reducing food waste and restoring nature, we can protect the diverse web of life on which we all depend.

 This Mango IPA (5.5%) is brewed by Toast Ale with surplus fresh bread and surplus wonky mangoes rescued by Flawsome! Drinks and Oddbox.

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About The Series 

Toast Ale has launched Rise Up, a campaign to raise awareness of our broken food system, and galvanise action to fix it for people and the planet.

This beer is the fourth beer of its Rise Up series, which raises awareness about the environmental impact of our food system and celebrates the benefits to us all by supporting better, healthier ways of producing our food.

For Rise Up, Toast will release a series of limited-edition beers brewed in collaboration with fellow B Corp brands Divine Chocolate, teapigs, Hobbs House Bakery, Oddbox, Rebel Kitchen, Rubies in the Rubble and Cafe Direct. The beers will be released sequentially as a countdown to COP26, the UN Climate Change Conference of Parties being held in Glasgow in November 2021. Each beer will highlight different elements of the ecological crisis , and the systemic change needed to the food system to tackle climate change and biodiversity loss. 

About Toast

Toast brews planet-saving beer using surplus fresh bread. This prevents food waste, and reduces the demand for malted barley, and thereby the demand for land, water and energy. Toast open sources a recipe for home brewers and collaborates with breweries all over the world to scale its impact. All its profits go to charities fixing the food system. Toast is a social enterprise and the first UK brewery to become a B Corp.

About Oddbox 

Oddbox is a community powered weekly rescue mission to save delicious,fresh fruit and veg which is deemed ‘too big’, ‘too ugly’, the ‘wrong’ colour, or ‘not needed’ from going to waste. It delivers its boxes directly from the growers to people’s doorsteps across London and the South East.
With food waste being a major contributor to greenhouse gas emissions, Oddbox is building a community that together can play its part in fighting food waste and tackling climate change. A proud B Corp with over two million boxes delivered since it launched in 2016, Oddbox has already saved 13,790 tonnes of food waste with a goal of saving 35,000 tonnes by 2025.

About Flawsome! 

Inspired by nan’s tasty recipes, Flawsome! saves imperfect and surplus fruit by transforming it into perfectly crafted cold-pressed juices. Through strong relationships with farmers, Flawsome! set up a Fairer to Farmers programme by paying fairly for their products. As a brand they always strive to make a positive impact on the planet through everything they do. Flawsome! was born to be a business as a force for good. As a certified B Corp they invest nearly 2% of their sales – not just profit – in environmental causes and charities around the world.

Available From 21st May

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