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Beer of the Week 20th May - Five Points Lager (4.1%)

The Five Points Brewing Co. Five Points Lager (4.1%) About the beer An easy-drinking single-hopped Helles ...

Beer of the Week 18th March - Helles V1 (4.8%)

PILLARS BREWERY HELLES V1 LAGER (4.8% ABV) About the beer  We can always trust Pillars to make a great ...

Beer of the week 14th January - Amos (4.9%)

BOHEM BREWERY AMOS CZECH PILSNER (4.9% ABV)  About the beer   Their best-selling, classic Czech Pilsner has p...

Beer of the week 24th September - Luftballon (5.5%)

SIGNATURE BREW LUFTBALLON FESTBIER (5.5% ABV) About the beer This moreish, golden festbier has a refreshing bitt...

Beer of the week 9th July - Hoppy Helles (5.0%)

PILLARS BREWERY HOPPY HELLES LAGER (5.0%) About the beer  Pillars' Hoppy Helles brew is part of their Sm...

Beer of the week 28th May - All City Poet (Dry-Hopped Lager) (5.0%)

East London Brewing Co. ALL CITY POET DRY HOPPED LAGER (5.0% ABV) About the beer All City Poet is the title given ...

On tap 27th November - Larger (4.8%)

40 FT LARGER KOLSCH STYLE LAGER (4.8%) About the beer Kölsch-Style Lager, a hybrid beer that walks the line b...
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