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Fresh As A Daisy

At Draught Drop, we take pride in our commitment to delivering the freshest beer straight to your doorstep. ⁠

Oxidation is the worst enemy of beer and occurs when beer is exposed to light, oxygen and high temperatures. This can cause the beer to lose its natural hop flavours and aromas and often ends up with the beer tasting like cardboard.⁠ Yuck!⁠

Our golden rules to preserving freshness are:⁠



Here's how we do it...



Instead of using flint or green glass, our bottles are made out of amber glass. Aside from it being traditional, it provides the best protection from harmful ultraviolet light getting into your beer. This prevents "Lightstruck" off–flavours, colloquially known as “skunking”.⁠

That's why we don't use green or clear bottles, we're all about quality at Draught Drop!

Keeping out light is just one way we prevent off-flavours in our beers…



Not the scary horror film series... we're talking about "purging" oxygen from our bottles to keep our beers at their freshest. ⁠

We use a specialist bottle filling process, to flush out all the air (which is 21% oxygen). We then fill with beer with a constant COcounter-pressure which keeps the carbonation in your beer, and oxygen well away. All this to make sure there's no chance of the beer becoming oxidised before it's opened, keeping off-flavours at bay!⁠



Poured chilled, moved chilled, arrives chilled. Our third golden rule to keep our beers fresh as a daisy 🌼 is to keep them cool.

We keep our bottles refrigerated right up until they are sent out for delivery, so that it arrives ready to drink!

Otherwise, we recommend keeping your beer chilled and enjoying as soon as possible. Once opened drink within two days for maximum quality! Enjoy 🍻⁠

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