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Sustainable Wine Soloutions


Sustainable Wine Solutions (SWS) believe in working towards a circular economy: making businesses and our society more self–sufficient by driving down waste and our consumption of finite resources. "Together, let’s reduce our use of packaging, reuse our bottles and kegs and recycle as a last resort."

SWS began their journey at Borough Market in 2002 with their straight from the barrel, I–Will–Refill Wine–on–Tap concept. Since then they have evolved from retailer to wholesaler, bringing expertise and innovation for Wine-on-Tap and Bottle Return to customers across the country.

SWS work with independent, sustainably minded winemakers to deliver a diverse, quality focused wine list. They favour a low-intervention approach, with organic, biodynamic, natural and vegan wines at the fore.

Sustainable Wine Solutions are the go to service provider for the trade’s sustainable wine needs, providing our Wine-on-Tap, VinoTap™ and Bottle Return Scheme. Their investment in a bottling and kegging facility in Greenwich Peninsula gives them complete control over their production process, with their reuse and refill focus allowing us to fully embrace the circular economy.

An in-house team of operations and winery experts manage all elements of the supply chain from producer to your business, ensuring watertight quality control every step of the way.

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