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Tre Monti

Tre Monti (Three mountains), starting from the land, are aware that they have a responsibility: to preserve and to make flourish what nature has given, and continues to give us every vintage. "It is precisely in respect of the fruit that all those procedures are implemented to translate it into wines that, increasingly, want to be characterized by their own specific identity". Especially in the traditional varieties, the goal is completely focused to find the correct equilibrium between the experience of the past and the knowledge of today.

And this is really their dream, to safeguard a patrimony that belongs to the firm, that they begin a selection of the best plants of sangiovese grape, that are also the oldest. They will be reproduced in the hope of tracing today a line of grape that unites all the experiences until today, delivering them to a future of wine lovers and dreamers.

They got the “real” breakthrough in 1999 when they started, with the consultancy of Attilio Scienza and Francis Bruno Lizio that allowed (and is allowing) them to know the smallest details of every particle within their two farms.

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